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Northern Ambulance Alliance

Northern Ambulance Alliance

A partnership between the four Northern Ambulance Services

Our ambition is to do things better in a partnership approach and having the Alliance has presented the partner organisations with a real opportunity to apply that thinking to delivering patient-centred, efficient and forward-looking services together.

Our Mission

The NAA consists of four Ambulance services covering the North of England and East Midlands:  North East (NEAS), North West (NWAS), East Midlands (EMAS) and Yorkshire (YAS). 

The aim of the alliance is to create a collaborative approach of working together to improve health outcomes for patients and deliver greater benefits for the populations it collectively serves. 

The main principles of the Northern Ambulance Alliance are:

  • To improve the quality and service delivery for all patients in the North of England.
  • To maximise opportunities for standardisation across the North of England.
  • Reduce the overall costs of the collective budgets of the four services.


NAA Board Meeting Dates


Dates to be updated

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