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The NAA consists of four Ambulance services covering the North of England and East Midlands: North East (NEAS); North West (NWAS); East Midlands (EMAS) and Yorkshire (YAS). 

The aim of the alliance is to create a collaborative approach of working together to improve health outcomes for patients and deliver greater benefits for the populations it collectively serves. 

The main principles of the Northern Ambulance Alliance are:

  • To improve the quality and service delivery for all patients in the North of England.
  • To maximise opportunities for standardisation across the North of England.
  • Reduce the overall costs of the collective budgets of the four services.


Developments in the Northern Ambulance Alliance (NAA)

The Northern Ambulance Alliance (NAA) is strengthening its networking for its four member trusts (North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, NEAS, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, NWAS, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, YAS and East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust, EMAS).

The NAA has seen the benefit of networking across the member trusts and feedback has highlighted that sharing of best practice, successes and challenges has been one of the most valuable benefits for staff.  The work of the NAA will strengthen the focus on collaboration and on sharing, learning and looking for opportunities for mutual benefit.  This will involve a series of networks, run by members in the Trusts (rather than specific NAA roles) and as ideas develop, these will be taken to the NAA Chief Executive group and Board for support (via a business case review process).

The focus will now be on establishing these networks, which will include;

  • Digital, including the common computer aided dispatch (CAD), Tranman and robotic process automation (RPA);
  • HR and workforce;
  • Fleet;
  • Net zero carbon;
  • Quality improvement; and
  • Strategy and transformation

which will continue to be overseen  and supported by the NAA. 

The focus of the Alliance will continue to be on working together to benefit the populations that the Trusts serve, delivering the best possible outcomes for patients and, through their collaboration, deliver more resilient, high quality and cost effective services.


For further information

contact Graham Norton (NAA, Managing Director [acting]), who will continue to provide support to the NAA as these networks are developed. 

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